Fastrecharge strongly believes in an apparent and genuine approach to the users. Customers trust always comes in the utmost priority and never compromised for the sake of business growth. To abide to the commitment of delivering guaranteed customer satisfaction, a policy which aims at minimizing cases of customer disappointments, grievances, and complaints through a review, channelized approach and redressal is being implemented. Each solution is geared towards addressing customers concerns as well as identifying the inadequacies in the service delivery as well as in the products features. Through which the business staffs can make necessary innovations to meet or even exceed customer’s requirements.

Fastrecharge policy covers the essentials and a must principles that every staff must abide. First and foremost, users must be treated justly at all reasons and at all times. Customer’s welfare should be given utmost consideration and must be addressed properly. Customers have the right to extend their concerns or communicate their complaints, staffs must deal with it in a timely manner, with courtesy and open mind.

Furthermore, customers are informed regarding the solutions to each and every problem but once they aren’t still satisfied, they will have freedom to say so. Since Online Mobile Recharge values each customer, every concern will be treated fairly and efficiently. Every concern of the customer and the customer itself matters, therefore all staffs must work without prejudice to the user’s interest and must abide to the policy of addressing to each of customer’s complains.

Customer complaints is undeniable inevitable because of so many reason, whether it may be the gap between the service levels promised by the company and the expectation of the customers, or because of attitudinal aspects and the way communication is done and even arise due to actual errors in the systems.

Customers are given complete authority to share their feedback if they are dissatisfied with the services offered by Fastrecharge Feedback can be given either through email, writing or on the website itself. Nevertheless, if the given solution is still not enough, further actions are taken to resolve the problem.

Redressal System

It is the company and staff’s goal to deliver seamless satisfaction to the customers and excellent mobile recharge experience. This is why the staffs are always available to listen attentively to each customer’s concern. The goal is to know what customers feel at the course of service, from the time of landing in the page to the time of leaving, and so to enhance services that don’t fit in customer’s service expectations. The team understands that complaints meant something must be fixed and so do everything to fix the problem.

Preparing staffs on managing complaints

To ensure that each customer’s complaints and queries are handled properly, the staffs undergoes frequent trainings and are motivated to work in accordance to the commitment of delivering satisfactory services and building customer confidence and trust. This reflects every transaction provided. In case of complaints, everything is analyzed, identify and cut the root cause so next time the service quality with gradually improve.